I started at Mullen the week of the  Royal Caribbean pitch. And although I didn't actually work on the pitch, I somehow ended up making the launch TV campaign inviting you to Come Seek.


:30 Launch spots

Cruises are usually sold with beautiful views of the ships and postcard perfect imagery of the locations. We wanted it to be different and more immersive. We embraced using found footage, sometimes POV style and not "perfect" at all to show the Caribbean in a way it'd never been showed before. In addition to make it visually different, we also spent a lot of time to find music that sounded very different from the stereotypical cruise ad.

:05 launch spots

In addition to our :30s we also used a never-been-done-before media buy where we bought three :05s spots to run in a break, followed by one of the :30s so the shorter films acted as teasers.

Made @ Mullen Lowe