We were briefed to create a pre-roll for U.S. Cellular's latest offer - 7GB of data for $49 per month. That's a lot of data –in fact so much you could even waste some of it watching hours and hours of grass growing without feeling guilty. So we made a pre-roll ad where you could literally do just that.

We exploited a feature in YouTube's TrueView platform that allows skippable ads to be any length, to serve up a seven hours long film. It was a first. But more importantly, it was entertaining, too.

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U.S. Cellular Made a 7-Hour Preroll Ad That Just Lets You Watch Grass Grow | Adweek


Time Lapse - 7 Hours In 100 Seconds


The Full length 7 Hour Film

The ad actually developed a cult following of its own. Once people found out about it, they sat and watched all seven hours. 
They combed through it. They noted and debated their favorite moments in online comment sections.

Here's some of our favorite commentary about the film from around the web. And, in case you have 7 hours to spare, the whole film to watch as well.

Watching the 7 hour us cellular commercial with the suit man!
So I got This Ad on YouTube
The 7 Hour YouTube Ad
7 Hour US Cellular Ad | Twitch
7 hour long advertisement? 

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