The average New Yorker walks by more than 10,000 ads a day. So we decided to reward people for paying attention – by hiding vouchers for great New York experiences in plain sight.

The catch? You had to something that seems borderline illegal. Steal the ad.

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Case Study


How it worked

We designed posters that used design cues from traditional coupons, and made them poster sized. Then we placed them on bus shelters across all five boroughs in New York City and wrote copy that encouraged the public to steal them.

The giant coupons were stuck on top of the glass with a low-tack adhesive, so they were easy to remove. In the regular ad space under the glass we placed another poster that informed you about the activation, and to look our for more posters in other places since you missed out on the prize in this location.

How we got the word out

We did the activation once and used that as an opportunity to capture footage for PR purposes for the second round of postings.

We started by releasing a teaser on JetBlue's social channels in the week leading up to round two, and then released a long form video the day before the second round of posters went up to maximize the buzz.


We made over 30 different posters, all in JetBlue's signature style.

We also had a few larger billboards that were to impractical to let people steal. Instead, we used those to tell people to be on the lookout.



On a small, regional out-of-home budget with a 30-day media run, the campaign managed to nab more than 65 million earned media impressions worldwide.

Made @ Mullen Lowe