To increase Royal’s presence on Snapchat, we created a custom built dive mask to take Spectacles somewhere they’ve never been before, underwater. To help tell our story we enlisted three world class divers to test the mask in different locations across the Caribbean and pushed out content across all social channels.

EPICA [Shortlist] | Webby Awards [Honoree] | Shorty Awards [Silver] | WARC Awards [Bronze]

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Case Study


SeaSeeker Mask

Working with Sexton, a specialist deep-sea engineering firm, we designed and fabricated a custom mask. It featured a 3D printed mount to hold the Spectacles securely inside the mask, and a magnetic button outside of the mask to activate video recording.



In the weeks leading up to our first dive we started pushing out teaser content about what was about to come.

This include a teaser film about the making of the mask without revealing its purpose.

A series of countdown videos on Snapchat that started at the surface and progressively went deeper into the sea, using the lights design from Spectacles as a hint.

Social posts announcing the dates to pay attention on Snapchat.

And, finally, 24 hours before each dive, a portrait of our diver wearing the mask and letting people know what to expect the next day.


Live Dives

As well as pushing out our dive videos on Snapchat, we posted stills from the dives and created  Instagram stories to help drive traffic to them.



To extend the campaign beyond Snapchat, we created four films and pushed them out on social  the week after the dives took place. The main film told the SeaSeeker story from start to finish, including footage from the testing and fabrication of the mask. And we also created a film about each of our three divers where we learned more about them and their experience of using the mask. 



We achieved a 474% increase in Snapfans, over 12 million video views and over 234 million PR impressions. In addition, the campaign got press coverage from mainstream media like the Daily Mail, Sunday Times, Condé Nast Traveller, MetroEl Pais, Forbes, AS, GQ Italia and lifestyle and tech blogs like uncrate, highsnobiety, Mashable, engadgetDesignboom and more.

And Snapchat, who reluctantly gave us permission to use their name in the campaign on the condition we made it clear they weren't involved, started using it as an example of one of their best ever brand partnerships.

Made @ Mullen Lowe