Here are some of my favorite smaller projects and one-off executions.



A lot of teams at GSP worked on this brief at some point, and only five ads got made. We wrote a bunch and were lucky enough to get one through. We had two, but Rich Silverstein killed the second in the hallway as the CDs were going to the final presentation.

Art Directors Club [Silver]
Made @ Goodby Silverstein & Partners

The Backwards Brochure

In Germany recycling is serious business. Every company needs to have a plan on what to do when their products reach their end-of-life. DaimlerChrysler asked us to do a brochure that outlined theirs. We turned it into a book you read the wrong way, i.e. from back to front to illustrate the fact that Every end is a new beginning (Title of the book translated from German).

Clio [Bronze] | Art Directors Club Europe [Bronze] | LIA [Shortlist] | NY Festivals [Finalist]
Made @ Scholz & Friends Berlin


Come Seek is not just about physical adventure, it's about all kinds of exploration. It can be about something as simple as encouraging people to try new foods. We made a series of artful stop-motion animations using produce from one of our destination countries to make that same country's flag and pushed them out on social to help inspire people to Come Seek.

Made @ Mullen Lowe


E*trade asked us to help them launch their Instagram account. SOur solution was to make their feed reflect how the market was doing on a daily basis. Green pictures when the market is up, red when it’s down.

Made @ Mullen Lowe

Made @ Goodby Silverstein & Partners